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Meet Chase: In the Know's New Intern

The NPR-inspired world of Peacock's "In the Know" has a new star, and his name is Chase. Played with captivating energy by Charlie Bushnell, Chase is a pansexual Asian American SigEp (Florida State) intern who brings a refreshing dose of Gen Z realness to the show.

Chase's character is a tapestry woven from the threads of his multifaceted identity. He embraces the complexities of being a pansexual Asian American fraternity member, navigating the nuances with equal parts humor, sincerity, and undergraduate messiness. While he occasionally leans into frat bro stereotypes, particularly when expressing confusion over public radio pledge drives, it's his heart of gold that truly defines him.

What I love so much about Chase is that yes, he's a frat bro but he is kind of like a sweetheart. He's kind of like a good guy. He sort of just says what's on his mind but I think at the root he's a good guy with a with a good heart. - Charlie Bushnell

One of the most engaging aspects of Chase's character is his unlikely friendship with Sandy, the show's Boomer-era film and culture critic known for his burnout vibes. The comedic chemistry between this intergenerational duo is a highlight, as they bridge the age gap and and transcend generational boundaries.

Chase’s genuine approach to life and interactions with the "In the Know" team not only provides comic relief but also subtly challenges preconceived notions about identity and friendship. As he shares his experiences of being "othered" for being too good-looking, Chase invites the audience to reflect on the impact of stereotypes and the importance of authenticity. And laugh.

Season 1 of "In the Know" is now available to stream on Peacock. So, tune in and join Chicago Society member Chase on his messy, authentic, and utterly endearing journey through the world of public radio and beyond.



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