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There are myriad ways to get involved with the Chicago Society if you’re an undergraduate, alumni, or volunteer.


We’re led by volunteer time, talent, and resources. You’re always welcome to participate in events, programs, or connect with other members. We welcome your talent and leadership.

Regional Gatherings

We organize and host in-person networking and social events as a way for brothers to connect and get involved in our work. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or just looking to reengage with the fraternity, these events can be a great way to get involved and make a difference.

Apply for Scholarship

2024 is the first year that the Chicago Society is able to award an official scholarship -- and we're excited to do so in Brother McCleary's honor! Undergraduate Chicago Society members are encouraged to apply before the June 30th deadline. 

Apply for the scholarship here

The Chicago Society Fund

The Chicago Society Fund is our commitment to providing mentorship, programming, and events in honor of and for the benefit of our GBTQ+ brothers. This fund aims to foster an inclusive environment by investing in educational and leadership resources focusing on GBTQ+ undergraduate and alumni brothers and allies.

History Project

This project helps preserve and document the experiences and stories of individuals within the SigEp GBTQ+ community. The project provides a way for individuals to share their unique perspectives and histories, which builds a more complete and nuanced understanding of the GBTQ+ experience in SigEp and allows us to celebrate and preserve the diversity of our brotherhood.

Conclave Events

Every two years, Sigma Phi Epsilon hosts the largest gathering of its members across the nation, the Grand Chapter Conclave. The Chicago Society works to bring together our members for celebration and programming.

2023 Conclave Schedule

The McCleary Memorial Leadership Endowment Fund

The Donald C. McCleary Memorial Leadership Endowment Fund is named after the esteemed past grand president and Order of the Golden Heart recipient. The fund will provide annual support to undergraduate leaders dedicated to championing the progressive change brother McCleary spent his life advancing.

Happy Hours

Just like in the days immediately after the Covid-19 lockdown, Brothers join together via zoom to connect, banter, and reflect on memories together. 

The McCleary Innovation Room at Kief House

The McCleary Innovation Room honors Brother McCleary's tireless work toward advancing equal rights and reimagining the member development experience for undergraduate members. Chicago Society donors support this space insuring our history of effecting positive change lives on in the fraternity's narrative history.

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