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Interracial Couples More Common Among Same-Sex Couples: Insights from 2022 Census Data

In 2022, the American landscape of love and partnership, particularly among same-sex couples, revealed a rich tapestry of diversity. The U.S. Census Bureau's latest data offers insightful glimpses into these dynamics.

A Snapshot of Same-Sex Households: The U.S. housed around 1.3 million same-sex couple households in 2022. Out of these, about 740,000 were married, and 540,000 were unmarried.

Employment: Employment of both partners was more common in same-sex married couples (62%) than in opposite-sex ones (49%).

Economic Disparities: Despite similar employment rates between female and male same-sex couples, there was a notable income gap. The median household income for female same-sex couples stood at $98,420, whereas male same-sex couples earned significantly more, with a median income of $127,900.

Interracial Marriages: A notable finding was that interracial marriages were more prevalent among same-sex couples compared to their opposite-sex counterparts. Approximately 31% of married same-sex couples were interracial, significantly higher than the 19% among opposite-sex couples.

Gender Variations in Interracial Relationships: Delving deeper, the data showed distinct patterns based on gender. Among married same-sex couples, 37% of male couples were interracial, compared to 25% of female couples. This trend was also observed in unmarried couples, with 39% of male same-sex couples being interracial against 29% of female same-sex couples.

This data offers a window into the evolving landscape of relationships in the U.S. It highlights not just the diversity but also the unique economic and social dynamics within same-sex couples. As society continues to evolve, such data becomes crucial in understanding and acknowledging the varied forms of partnerships that enrich our communities.

Read more about the historical time-line of the methods used by the Census Bureau to collect, process, and release data for same-sex married couples between 1995 and 2020

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