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2nd Annual Chicago Society Palm Springs Weekend Recap

The 2023 Chicago Society Palm Springs Weekend offered the perfect blend of relaxation and revelry as members and their significant others reconnected in a setting that was both serene and spirited. Brothers from a dozen chapters across the country descended on the Coachella Valley.

Highlights from the weekend included the timeless charm of songstress Lorna Luft, who graced the stage at the Purple Room. Her performance was a nod to the classic glamour of Palm Springs, setting the tone for a weekend that married the old (Troy) with the new (Garry).

Brunch at Palm Canyon Swim and Social offered a refreshing start to the day, with delectable dishes and sparkling mimosas under the palms. As the sun set, the nightlife of Arenas Road beckoned the group with stops at Hunters followed by rhythmic beats at Chill Bar, and raucous laughter at Dicks. The thrill of the game called some to the Aqua Caliente Casino, where the stakes were high, but the spirits were higher. A Sunday beer bust at Barracks provided a relaxed backdrop for recounting the weekend's highlights.

Amidst all this, Cruise Director Brother Scott Schwartz’s Turner Classic Movies Ultimate Movie Trivia was a particular highlight, showcasing the group's (or maybe just Scott’s) love for the iconic, the dramatic, and Camp. Speaking of camp - who could forget Drag Bingo at the Ace Hotel and other nocturnal sojourns.

Laughter was the soundtrack of the weekend (with the occasional Cher Christmas album track) and as the weekend concluded the SigEp Chicago Society members departed with a renewed sense of community and connection... and one new AVC mentor committee member.

Planning is already under way for SigEp Chicago Society Palm Springs 2024 - mark your calendars for early October. Until next year!

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